OM8370 PDF Datasheet – Processor for TV, Pinout

Part Number: OM8370, OM8370PS/N3/2, 0M8370

Function: TV Processor, Electronics Semicondcutor

Package: DIP 64 Pin

Manufacturer: Philips Semiconductor, NXP


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OM8370 pdf datasheet


The OM8370 is the latest developed by Philips semiconductor.

It connects MCU with TV Processor is integrated in three integrated circuits and can demodulate PAL and NTsC systems. A microcontroller (MCU) with a TV processor is a type of embedded system that combines the functionality of a microcontroller with that of a TV (television) processor. This combination enables the MCU to interface with television signals, process video and audio data, and perform various tasks related to television applications.


1. TV processing.

(1) Built-in IF circuit free demodulator.

(2) The intrinsic time constant is controlled by the IF AGC circuit.

(3) The single-channel sound carrier IF has a sound phase-locked loop demodulation circuit, and the selectable frequencies are: ⒋5, 5.5, 6,0, 6.5MIIz.

(4) Internal CVIBs and external CVIBs or Y/C signal can be selected.

(5) Has a complete chrominance channel circuit.

(6) The brightness delay linear circuit for adjusting time is integrated inside.

2. CPU processing.

(1) Adopt sOC51CPU standard core control.

(2) The period of the control time is 1us.

(3) Built-in 32K × 8 or 48K × 8 bytes of read-only memory.

(4) Built-in 3.5K × 8 bytes of auxiliary random access memory (sufficient to meet the display requirements of 1. K × 8 bytes)

(5) 14-bit PWM integrated tuning voltage.


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OM8370 pinout processor


OM8370 PDF Datasheet