OPA355-Q1 Datasheet – 200MHz CMOS Operational Amplifier

Part Number: OPA355-Q1, OPA355

Function: 200-MHz CMOS Operational Amplifier With Shutdown

Package: SOT-23-6 Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


OPA355-Q1 datasheet


The OPA355-Q1 device is a high-speed, voltage-feedback CMOS operational amplifier designed for applications requiring wide bandwidth. The OPA355-Q1 device is unity-gain stable and can drive large output currents. In addition, the OPA355-Q1 device has a digital shutdown (enable) function.

This feature provides power saving during idle periods and places the output in a high-impedance state to support output multiplexing. The differential gain is 0.02% and the differential phase is 0.05°. The quiescent current is 8.3 mA per channel.




1. Input Range Includes Ground

2. Rail-to-Rail Output (Within 100 mV)

3. Low Input Bias Current: 3 pA

4. Low Shutdown Current: 3.4 µA

5. Enable and Disable Time: 100 ns and 30 ns

6. Thermal Shutdown

OPA355-Q1 Datasheet PDF Download

OPA355-Q1 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: OPA355, OPA355QDBVRQ1