OPA635 Datasheet – Operational Amplifiers – Burr-Brown

Part Number: OPA635

Function : Wideband / Single Supply OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS

Manufacturer: Burr-Brown

OPA635 Datasheet


The OPA634 and OPA635 are low power, voltage feedback, high-speed amplifiers designed to operate on
+3V or +5V single-supply voltages. Operation on ±5V or +10V supplies is also supported. The input range
extends below ground and to within 1.2V of the positive supply. Using complementary common-emitter outputs provides an output swing to within 30mV of ground and 140mV of positive supply. The high output drive current, low differential gain and phase errors make them ideal for single-supply composite video line driving. Low distortion operation is ensured by the high gain bandwidth (140MHz) and slew rate (250V/µs). This makes the OPA634 and OPA635 ideal input buffer stages to 3V and 5V CMOS converters. Unlike other low power, single-supply operational amplifiers, distortion performance improves as the signal swing is decreased.

Application Circuit

OPA635 Application Circuit

OPA635 Datasheet


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