OPE5794 Datasheet PDF – 3mm LED, Infrared Emitting Diode

Part Number: OPE5794

Function: LED / GaAlAs Infrared Emitter

Package: 3mm Radial type

Manufacturer: Unspecified


OPE5794 datasheet


The OPE5794 is GaAlAs infrared emitting diode that is designed for high radiant intensity and low forward voltage .This deviceis optimized for efficiencat emission wavelength 940nm and has a high radiant efficiency over a wide range of forward current. This device is packaged T1 plastic package and has medium beam angle with lensed package  and cup frame.


1. High-output power
2. Medium beam angle
3. Available for pulse operating

Absoulte maximum ratings

1. Power dissipation : PD = 80 mW
2. Forward current : IF = 60 mA
3. Pulse forward current : IFP = 0.8 A
4. Reverse voltage : VR = 5.0 V


1. Optical emitters
2. Optical switches
3. Smoke sensors
4. IR remote control
5. IR sound transmission

Other data sheets are available within the file: E5794


OPE5794 Datasheet PDF Download

OPE5794 pdf