OS8740230 Datasheet PDF – Optical Receiver Amplifier Module

Part Number: OS8740230

Function: Si Optical Receiver, 40– 870MHz, 225mA max. @ 24VDC

Manufacturer: Premier Devices Germany GmbH


OS8740230 datasheet



Hybrid high dynamic range optical receiver amplifier module. Two ofthe module pins are for connection to 24V (DC), one for amplifiersupply voltage, the other for the PIN diode bias. The module contains a single modeoptical input suitable for wavelengths from 1290 to 1600 nm, a terminal to monitor the PIN diode current and an electricaloutput with an impedance of 75 Ω.


• Excellent linearity
• Superior return loss performance
• Extremely low distortion
• Optimal reliability
• Low noise
• Standard CATV outline
• Excellent flatness


• 40 to 870 MHz CATV amplifier systems

Other data sheets are available within the file: OS-8740230

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