OSSV5131I-HH Datasheet PDF – 5mm Viollet LED

Part Number: OSSV5131I-HH

Function: Led 5mm 22mW/sr 30º

Manufacturer: OptoSupply


OSSV5131I-HH datasheet



This is 5mm Viollet LED.


1. 5mm Standard Directivity
2. Superior Weather-resistance
3. UV Resistant Epoxy
4. Water Clear Type
5. Long Lead with Soldering


1. Automotive Dashboard Lighting
2. Money Detector
3. Back Lighting

Absolute Maximum Rating (Ta=25 ℃)

1. DC Forward Current IF 30 mA

2. Pulse Forward Current* IFP 100 mA

3. Reverse Voltage VR 5 V

4. Power Dissipation PD 120 mW

OSSV5131I-HH Datasheet PDF Download

OSSV5131I-HH pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: OSSV5131I