OZ9902 PDF Datasheet – Power LED Driver – OZ9902CGN

This post explains for the LED Driver.

The Part Number is OZ9902.

The Package is 24 SOP, SSOP type.

1. OZ9902 :  Dual Channel High Power LED Driver ( 24 SOP, SSOP )
2. OZ9902C :  Single Channel High Power LED Driver ( 16 QFN, SOP )

The function of this semiconductor is Intelligent Lighting.

Manufacturer: O2Micro


OZ9902 datasheet


The OZ9902 is a dual, high power LED driver designed to build LED backlight for largesize LCD TV applications. It integrates two independently-controlled LED drivers to achieve optimum effi ciency. The drive outputs are phase-shifted by 180 degrees to minimize current ripple in high power applications.

0Z9902 supports independent Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming control for each channel and common analog dimming control for both channels. It provides system design fl exibility for LCD TV with local dimming or 3D display mode. […]


• LCD Monitor


OZ9902 pinout

OZ9902CGN pinout


1. Dual Channel DC/DC converter

2. Constant current or voltage output

3. Drives one string of high power LEDs per channel

4. 180 degrees phase-shift between the two driver outputs

5. Independent PWM dimming control for each channel

6. Analog dimming

7. Constant operation frequency; and Operation frequency synchronization

8. Power MOSFET over-current protection

9. Over-voltage protection

10. Output to return and Output to ground short-circuit protection

11. Output over load protection

12. Limited Current Condition (LCC) protection

13. Thermal protection

14. LED fault status output

Other data sheets are available within the file: 0Z9902, OZ9902C, OZ9902CGN

OZ9902 PDF Datasheet