OZ9967 Datasheet – Six String High Power LED Controller

Part Number: OZ9967, OZ9967GN

Function: Six String High Power LED Controller

Package: 28 SOP, SSOP, TSSOP, Lead-free Pin Type

Manufacturer: O2Micro


OZ9967 datasheet led controller


The OZ9967 is an LED controller that drives up to six (6) strings of LEDs in parallel
confi guration, with multiple LEDs per string connected in series. It provides six (6)
LED current sense inputs in an “OR” confi guration to improve backlight reliability.
This allows the backlight to remain functioning in the event that any string (s) is damaged
during normal operation.
OZ9967 supports external Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) or internal Low frequency
PWM (LPWM) dimming control. Plus, it provides an integrated circuit to balance the
current fl ow through each LED string. The balance transistors are external to accommodate
different power dissipation resulting from the forward voltage difference
among the LED strings.


OZ9967 pinout


1. High frequency DC/DC boost converter controller
2. Drives 6 LED strings in parallel
3. Integrated LED current balance control circuit
4. Up to 1MHz switching frequency
5. External PWM or internal LPWM dimming control
6. LED short circuit protection
7. Over-current and over-voltage protection
8. Soft start function

1. LCD Monitor

OZ9967 Datasheet


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