PA1001A Datasheet PDF – Signal Conditioners and Converter

Part Number: PA1001A

Function: Signal Conditioners and Converter

Package: Module Type

Manufacturer: Flowmetrics

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PA1001A datasheet


The PA1001A series preamplifiers / signal conditioners and converters are suitable for use with either magnetic or RF type pickup coils and allow convenient interfacing with the process measuring devices and digital electronics. When used with Magnetic type pickups they accept low level signals and produces a pulse output, while providing rejection of unwanted noise and false signals.

A RF type pickup reduces the pickup drag associated with conventional magnetic pickups, resulting in a significant increase in the usable range. The PA1001A series excite a RF type pickup with a 20KHz signal. Motion of ferrous material is sensed and the motion modulates the coil field and subsequent conditioning provides a pulse output signal.


Other data sheets are available within the file: PA-1001AIAB1, PA-1001AIAB2, PA-1001AIAB3, PA-1001AIANI

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PA1001A pdf

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