PBL3771N Datasheet PDF – Stepper Motor Driver

Part Number: PBL3771N

Function: Precision Stepper Motor Driver

Package: DIP 22 Pin Type, SO 24 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Ericsson


PBL3771N datasheet



The PBL3771, PBL3771N is a switch-mode, constant-current driver IC (chopper) with two channels, one for each winding of a two-phase stepper motor. The circuit is especially developed for use in microstepping applications in conjunction with the matching dual DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) PBM 3960. A complete driver system consists of these two ICs, a few passive components and a microprocessor for generation of the proper control and data codes required for microstepping.

The PBL3771 contains a clock oscillator, which is common for both driver channels; a set of comparators and flip-flops implementing the switching control; and two H-bridges with internal recirculation diodes. Voltage supply requirements are +5 V for logic and +10 to +45 V for the motor. Maximum output current is 650 mA per channel.

A special logic function is used to select slow or fast current decay in the output stage for improved high-speed microstepping. The close match between the two driver channels guarantees consistent output current ratios and motor positioning accuracy.


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PBL3771N pdf

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