PFS708EG Datasheet PDF – High Power PFC Controller

Part Number: PFS708EG

Function: High Power PFC Controller with Integrated High-Voltage MOSFET

Manufacturer: Power Integrations, Inc


PFS708EG datasheet



The HiperPFS is a variable switching frequency boost PFC solution. More specifically, it employs a constant amp-second on-time and constant volt-second off-time control algorithm.

This algorithm is used to regulate the output voltage and shape the input current to comply with regulatory harmonic current limits (high power factor).




• Single chip solution for boost power factor correction (PFC)

• EN61000-3-2 Class C and D compliant

• High light load efficiency at 10% and 20% load

• >95% efficiency from 10% load to full load

• <130 mW no-load consumption at 230 VAC with output in regulation

• <50 mW no-load consumption at 230 VAC in remote off state

• Frequency adjusted over line voltage, and line cycle

• Spread-spectrum across >60 kHz window to simplify EMI filtering requirements

• Lower boost inductance


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PFS708EG pdf

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