PIC12F1822 PDF Datasheet – 8-Bit Flash Microcontroller

Part Number: PIC12F1822

Function: 8-Bit Flash Microcontrollers with XLP Technology

Package: 8/14-Pin PDIP, SOIC, DFN, UDFN Type

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology


PIC12F1822 Flash Microcontroller


This is 8-Bit Flash Microcontroller.

This family of devices contain an enhanced mid-range 8-bit CPU core. The CPU has 49 instructions. Interrupt capability includes automatic context saving. The hardware stack is 16 levels deep and has Overflow and Underflow Reset capability. Direct, Indirect, and Relative addressing modes are available.



PIC12F1822 pdf pinout datasheet


High-Performance RISC CPU :

1. Only 49 Instructions to Learn:
(1) All single-cycle instructions except branches

2. Operating Speed:
(1) DC – 32 MHz oscillator/clock input
(2) DC – 125 ns instruction cycle

3. Interrupt Capability with Automatic Context Saving

4. 16-Level Deep Hardware Stack with Optional Overflow/Underflow Reset


Official Homepage: https://www.microchip.com/en-us/product/PIC12F1822


PIC12F1822 PDF Datasheet

PIC12F1822 pdf



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