PIC16F84A Datasheet PDF – FLASH / EEPROM 8-bit Microcontroller

Part Number: PIC16F84A

Function: Enhanced FLASH / EEPROM 8-bit Microcontroller

Package: DIP, SOIC 18 Pin, SSOP 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology


PIC16F84A datasheet



This document contains device specific information for the operation of the PIC16F84A device.

Additional information may be found in the PICmicro Mid Range Reference Manual, (DS33023), which may be downloaded from the Microchip website.

The Refer ence Manual should be considered a complementary document to this data sheet, and is highly recommended reading for a better understanding of the device architecture and operation of the peripheral modules.


• 1024 words of program memory

• 68 bytes of Data RAM

• 64 bytes of Data EEPROM

• 14-bit wide instruction words

• 8-bit wide data bytes

• 15 Special Function Hardware registers

• Eight-level deep hardware stack

• Direct, indirect and relative addressing modes


PIC16F84A Datasheet PDF Download

PIC16F84A pdf

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