PJ99 PDF Datasheet – 40V, Junction Field-Effect Transistor

Part Number: PJ99

Function: Silicon Junction Field-Effect Transistor

Die Size : 0.012″ x 0.012″

Manufacturer: InterFET Corporation ( www.interfet.com )

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This is 40V, Silicon Junction Field-Effect Transistor. A Junction Field-Effect Transistor (JFET) is a type of field-effect transistor (FET) that is primarily used for electronic switching and amplification of electrical signals. JFETs belong to the family of unipolar transistors, meaning they rely on the movement of charge carriers of one polarity (either electrons or holes) for their operation.

1. Three Terminals: A JFET has three terminals: the source (S), the drain (D), and the gate (G). The gate terminal controls the flow of charge carriers between the source and drain.

2. Voltage-Controlled: JFETs are voltage-controlled devices, which means that the voltage applied to the gate terminal modulates the flow of current between the source and drain terminals. This control is achieved through the electric field created by the voltage on the gate.


1. General Purpose Amplifier

2.  Analog Switch Absolute

Maximum ratings at TA = 25¡C Gate Current, Ig Operating Junction Temperature, Tj Storage Temperature, Ts 10 mA +150°C – 65°C to +175°C G S-D S-D G Die Size = 0.021″ X 0.021″ All Bond Pads = 0.004″ Sq. Substrate is also Gate. Devices in this Databook based on the PJ99 Process. Datasheet 2N3993, 2N3993A 2N3994, 2N3994A 2N5114, 2N5115 2N5116 2SJ44 IFN5114, IFN5115 IFN5116 Datasheet IFP44 J174, J175 J176, J177 P1086, P1087 VCR3P At 25°C free air temperature: Static Electrical Characteristics Gate Source Breakdown Voltage Reverse Gate Leakage Current Drain Saturation Current (Pulsed) Gate Source Cutoff Voltage Dynamic Electrical Characteristics Drain Source ON Resistance Forward Transconductance Input Capacitance Feedback Capacitance Equivalent Noise Voltage Turn On Delay Time Rise Time Turn Off Delay Time Fall Time rds(on) gfs […]

PJ99 datasheet

PJ99 PDF Datasheet