PL2303 Datasheet PDF – USB to RS-232 Bridge Controller

Part Number: PL2303, PL-2303

Function: USB to RS-232 Bridge Controller

Package: SSOP 28 Pin type

Manufacturer: Prolific


PL2303 USB to Serial Bridge Controller


The PL2303, PL-2303 operates as a bridge between one USB port and one standard RS232 Serial port. The two large on-chip buffers accommodate data flow from two different buses. The USB bulk-type data is adopted for maximum data transfer. Automatic handshake is supported at the Serial port. With these, a much higher baud rate can be achieved compared to the legacy UART controller.



PL2303 datasheet pinout



1. Fully compliant with USB Specification v1.1 and USB CDC v1.1

2. Supports RS232 Serial interface

3. Supports automatic handshake mode

4. Supports Remote wake-up and power management

5. 256-bytes buffer each for upstream and downstream data flow

6. Supports default ROM or external EEPROM for device configuration

7. On-chip USB transceiver


PL2303 Windows Driver :


PL2303 Datasheet PDF


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