PMP9146 Datasheet PDF – ASIC Core Power Supply

Part Number: PMP9146

Function: Communication ASIC Core Power Supply Reference Design

Package: Module Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


PMP9146 datasheet



The PMP9146 utilizes the TPS53515 DCAP3-mode SWIFT stepdown DC-DC converter to power high-current ASIC core rails at 1.2Vout/12A, with only 247mm2 of total power supply area and 27 total components.


1. 247mm2 total power supply area

2. Only 3x100uF small output ceramic capacitors needed for 8A load transient

3. Meets total +/-3% DC and AC load regulation

4. 27 total power supply components (including IC)


PMP9146 Datasheet PDF Download

PMP9146 pdf


Other data sheets are available within the file: PMP-9146

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