PO6-LP-196 PDF Datasheet – RF CO-AXIAL Connector ( Manual )

Part Number: PO6-LP-196


Manufacturer: Hirose Electric

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The PO6-LP-196 is Low-profile ultrasmall coaxial connector.

An RF coaxial connector is a type of electrical connector designed for use in radio frequency (RF) applications, such as in radio and television broadcast equipment, cable television systems, and microwave communications. These connectors are designed to minimize the loss of signal power that occurs when transmitting RF signals through cables. They are typically cylindrical in shape, and have a center conductor that is surrounded by a concentric outer conductor and insulating material.


PO6-LP-196 hirose datasheet

In general, RF coaxial connectors are designed to provide a reliable, low-loss connection between the cable and the device being used. They are widely used in a variety of applications, including in-building and outdoor networks, test equipment, and aerospace and military systems.

PO6-LP-196 PDF Datasheet

PO6-LP-196 pdf