STR2005 PDF Datasheet – 5V, 2A, Power Regulator – Sanken

Part Number: STR2005

Function: 5V, 2A, Switching Type ( Chopper * Self Oscillation Type )

Package: ZIP 5 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sanken


STR2005 datasheet pdf

Terminal Connections :

1. Switching Output (backside of case)

2. Output Voltage Adjustment

3. Ground

4. Output Voltage Detection

5. Input


STR2005 is 5V, Power regulator (DC/DC switching regulator).

A 5V power regulator, also known as a 5V voltage regulator, is an electronic device or integrated circuit (IC) used to provide a stable and regulated 5-volt DC (Direct Current) output voltage from a higher or variable input voltage source. These regulators are commonly used in electronic circuits and systems to ensure that sensitive components and devices receive a consistent and reliable 5V supply voltage.


1. Requires only 3 external components

2. Small size and high efficiency

3. Low switching noise

4. Variable output voltage

5. Use of SANKEN’s semiconductor elements ensures high reliability


STR2005 pinout datasheet


1. For power supplies in office equipment such as electronic typewriters, printers, and copiers

2.  For power supplies in VCRs and personal CB radios (fixed station)

5V power regulators are commonly used in a wide range of electronic devices and systems, including microcontroller circuits, sensors, voltage-sensitive components, and portable electronics.

STR2005 PDF Datasheet