PRC207 Datasheet PDF – Terminator and Local EMI/RFI Filter

Part Number: PRC207

Function: Clock terminator and local EMI/RFI Filter

Package: 3-Pin SOT-23 type

Manufacturer: California Micro Devices ( Onsemi )

Schematic :

PRC207 datasheet


High speed microprocessors like Intel’s Pentium , DEC’s Alpha, Motorola’s 68K and  owerPC, Sun’s SPARC, MIPs, and other RISC-based systems require well controlled and precise clock signals to maintain a high performance synchronous system. However, very fast edge rated clock signals exhibit transmission line effects on the clock lines resulting in undershoot and overshoot disturbances.

CAMD’s PRC207 SOT resistor-capacitor integrated thin film networks are specifically designed to eliminate transmission line effects on high speed clock and data lines. They are effective in suppressing EMI/RFI noise at I/O ports and can also be used as “distributed” AC terminators when filtered lines are dispersed across the board.



1. Filters at source of emissions
2. Stable resistor-capacitor network
3. Ideal for high-speed logic
4. Low lead inductance
5. Reduces board space compared to discretes


1. Clock termination
2. Point of contact filtering
3. Low pass filtering
4. EMI/RFI filtering


Other data sheets are available within the file: PRC207101K/101M, PRC207101K101MB,

PRC207330K/470M, PRC207330K470MB

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