PST593DM Datasheet PDF – System Reset – Mitsumi

Part Number: PST593DM, PST591~595 Series

Function: System Reset / Monolithic IC

Package: TO-92A, MMP-4A Type

Manufacturer: Mitsumi

Image and Pinouts:

PST593DM datasheet



These ICs function in a variety of CPU systems and other logic systems, to detect power supply voltage and reset the system accurately when power is turned on or interrupted, and has a built-in fixed delay time generating circuit. This series has been represented in the past by PST574/PST575, but these new low reset type system reset ICs expand the delay time series with a counter timer using an analog/digital hybrid circuit.


1. Fixed delay time setting by counter timer Excellent delay time temperature characteristics : ±800ppm/°C
2. Low operating limit voltage : 0.65V typ.
3. Hysteresis voltage provided in detection voltage : 50mV typ.
4. Current consumption for no-load ; ICCL=300μA typ. ICCH=200μA typ


1. Reset circuits in microcomputers, CPUs and MPUs
2. Logic circuit reset circuits.
3. Battery voltage check circuits.
4. Back-up power supply switching circuits.
5. Level detection circuits.
6. Mechanical reset circuits

5 delay time products available

PST591 : 50mS
PST592 : 100mS
PST593 : 200mS
PST594 : 400mS
PST595 : 800mS


Other data sheets are available within the file: PST573C, PST573CM, PST573D, PST573E

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PST593DM pdf