PT100 Datasheet – Resistance Thermometer Sensor

Part Number: PT100, PT1000

Function: Resistance Thermometer Sensor

Manufacturers : Baumer ( )





A platinum resistor is built into the temperature sensor. Changes in temperature are refl ected by changes in the electrical resistance, so that measuring the value of the resistance gives an analogue expression for the actual temperature. The PT100 element has a resistance of 100 Ohms at 0°C and a welldocumented working curve (DIN/EN/IEC 60751) within the nominal working range. The sensors are used in a wide range of applications within the marine, industrial, energy and food sectors.

Dimensional Drawing



1. Sensors with 4-wire silicone cable for pockets or tubes 4-wire air sensors

2. Elements in 1/1 DIN B, 1/3 DIN B and 1/6 DIN B

3 .The sensors can be used with the CombiTemp, Building Block Temperature Measuring System

Reference Site:

PT100 Datasheet

PT100 pdf


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