PT6601 Datasheet PDF – Segment LCD Driver IC – PTC

Part Number: PT6601

Function: Segment driver, LCD driver IC

Package: QFP 100 Pins type

Manufacturer: Princeton Technology


PT6601 datasheet



The PT6601 is a Segment Driver LCD Driver IC utilizing CMOS Technology used for Large Scale Dot Matrix Liquid Crystal Graphic Displays. 80 bits of display data sent from a controller are latched using a 4-bit parallel transfer technique and LCD drive signals are generated. It can be used with Common LCD Driver, PT6630 to drive Large Screen LCD Panels.


1. CMOS Technology

2. Supports Display Duties from 1/64 to 1/256

3. Operating Supply Voltage:
(1) VDD (Logic Block) : 5V + 10%
(2) VDD -VEE (LCD Block) : 12 to 32 V

4 .Operating Temperature : -20 to +75 oC

5. Supports Power Reduction in Large Scale Panel via a Chip Disable Pin

6. LCD Drive Circuit for 80 bits Display

7. 4 -Bit Parallel Data Input

8. Maximum of 6.0 MHz Data Transfer Clock and Bidirectional Shifting Supported


1. Peripheral Device

Other data sheets are available within the file: PT6601-H

PT6601 Datasheet PDF Download

PT6601 pdf

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