PTN0805E8250BBT1 Datasheet PDF – 825 Ohm, Film Chip Resistor

Part Number: PTN0805E8250BBT1

Function: Commercial Thin Film Chip Resistor

Package: Surface Mount Chip

Manufacturer: Vishay Semiconductors


PTN0805E8250BBT1 datasheet



This is Thin Film Chip Resistor. These chip resistors are available in both “top side” and
“wraparound” termination styles in a variety of sizes. They incorporate self passivated, enhanced Tantalum Nitride films, to give superior performance on moisture resistance, voltage coefficient, power handling and resistance stability.


• Moisture resistant

• High purity alumina substrate

• Non-standard values available

• Will pass + 85 °C, 85 % relative humidity and 10 % rated power

• 100 % visual inspected per MIL-PRF-55342

• Non-inductive

• Very low noise and voltage coefficient (< – 30 dB)

• Laser-trimmed tolerances to ± 0.1 %

• Wraparound resistance less than 10 m

• Epoxy bondable termination available


PTN0805E8250BBT1 Datasheet PDF Download

PTN0805E8250BBT1 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: PTN0805E82501, PTN1206E1002BBT1