R2A15108SP PDF Datasheet – D Class Power Amplifier

Part Number: R2A15108SP

Function: D Class Power Amplifier

Package: 52 pin power SSOP Type

Manufacturer: Renesas Technology

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The R2A15108SP is a D-class power amplifier developed for FPDs and home audio.
Achieves 50W x 2ch output (VD = 24V, THD = 1%, BTL configuration) when a 4Ω load is connected.
You can easily replace the conventional analog amplifier with a digital amplifier system.

A Class-D power amplifier is a type of audio amplifier that uses pulse-width modulation (PWM) to amplify audio signals. It’s known for its high efficiency and is commonly used in applications where power efficiency is important, such as in portable audio devices, car audio systems, and home theater setups. The “D” in Class-D stands for “digital,” but it’s important to note that the input and output signals are analog.

Here’s how a Class-D power amplifier works:

1. Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM): In a Class-D amplifier, the input audio signal is compared to a high-frequency carrier waveform. The carrier waveform typically has a fixed frequency and amplitude. The comparison results in a PWM signal, where the width of the pulses corresponds to the amplitude of the audio signal.

2. Switching Operation: The PWM signal is used to control a pair of high-speed switching devices, usually power MOSFETs or IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors). These devices are turned on and off rapidly according to the PWM signal.

3. Output Filtering: The switching operation generates a high-frequency signal that contains the amplified audio information. This signal then passes through an LC low-pass filter, which removes the high-frequency components and leaves the amplified audio signal at the output.


1. Built-in output DC offset detection circuit
Basically, it is necessary to connect to the heat dissipation part to the exposed die pad.

2. Output power: 50W x 2ch / RL = 4Ω, VD = 24V, THD = 1%

3. Built-in Nch- MOSFET for BTL2ch for output drive

4. Power supply voltage: Single power supply operation 11V to 24V recommended

5. Built-in various detection functions for overcurrent, overheat, and reduced voltage

6. Built-in output DC offset detection circuit

7. Built-in monitor terminal when an abnormality is detected

8. Overcurrent detection level can be adjusted with external resistance

9. Carrier frequency can be adjusted with external resistance

10. Gain can be switched in 4 steps by setting the external terminal.


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R2A15108SP PDF Datasheet