R2S15903SP PDF Datasheet – Sound Controller

Part Number: R2S15903SP

Function: Sound Controller with Surround & AGC

Package: DIP 32 Pin type

Manufacturer: Renesas Technology

Images:R2S15903SP datasheet controller


The R2S15903SP is an optimum audio signal processor IC for TV. It has a 5ch input selector, AGC, surround/pseudo stereo, tone control(2band), output gain control and 2ch master volume. It can control all of these functions with I2C bus.

1. Audio Amplifiers: These controllers increase the power of audio signals, making them suitable for driving speakers or headphones. They are commonly used in audio systems, from consumer electronics to professional audio setups.

2. Audio Processors: These controllers alter the characteristics of audio signals, such as equalization, compression, and filtering. They are used to enhance or modify the sound quality in audio playback or recording systems.

3. MIDI Controllers: Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) controllers are used to generate and transmit digital musical messages that control MIDI-enabled devices like synthesizers, digital audio workstations (DAWs), and electronic instruments.

4. Digital Signal Processors (DSPs): These specialized controllers process audio signals digitally, allowing for advanced audio effects, real-time audio processing, and sound synthesis.

5. Sound Synthesizers: These controllers generate sound electronically, often imitating various musical instruments or producing unique electronic sounds. They’re used in music production, electronic music, and sound design.


• Volume: 0 to –89dB, –∞/ 1dB step. Each channel is independence control.

• 5 input selector + MUTE

• 2 Rec output (0/–2dB)

• Auto gain control (AGC level 4step)

• Tone control Bass: –15dB to +15dB/ 1dB step, Treble: –15dB to +15dB/ 1dB step

• Surround <Low/ High>/ Pseudo stereo

• Mode selector: Bypass/ Tone / Tone & Pseudo Stereo or Surround

• Output gain control: 0dB/ +4.5dB

• I2C-BUS control

Pinout and Blockdiagram:

R2S15903SP pinout renesas


1. TV, Mini Stereo, etc.

R2S15903SP PDF Datasheet