PH268-21 PDF Datasheet – Stepping Motor

Part Number: PH268-21

Function: Stepping Motor

Manufacturer: Vexta

Images:PH268-21 pdf Stepping Motor


PH268-21 is PH Type Stepping Motor. A stepping motor, also known as a stepper motor, is a type of electric motor that moves in discrete steps or increments rather than continuously rotating like a traditional electric motor. Stepper motors are widely used in various applications that require precise positioning, controlled motion, and open-loop control.

Stepper motors consist of several coils (windings) and a central rotor. The rotor has teeth or magnetic poles that interact with the magnetic fields generated by the coils. By energizing the coils in a specific sequence, the rotor moves in a controlled manner, step by step. The number of steps per full rotation is determined by the design of the motor and the number of phases it has.


1. Bipolar Stepper Motors: Bipolar stepper motors have two phases (coils) and require a reversing of the current flow through each phase to generate motion. They typically have four or more wires: one pair for each coil. Bipolar motors offer higher torque and are generally more efficient than unipolar motors.

2. Unipolar Stepper Motors: Unipolar stepper motors have multiple coils, but they have a center-tapped winding in each phase. This allows them to be controlled with a simpler circuit using fewer wires (typically five or six). However, unipolar motors generally have lower torque compared to bipolar motors.


1. Printers and Plotters: Stepper motors are used to control paper movement and printhead positioning in printers and plotters.

2. CNC Machines: In computer numerical control (CNC) machines, stepper motors precisely move axes to create complex shapes and patterns in materials.

3. 3D Printers: Stepper motors drive the movement of the print head and build platform in 3D printers.

Ordering Informations:

PH264-01 PH264-02 PH264-03 PH26S-01 PH265-02 PH265-03 PH265-04 PH265-O5,

PH266-01 PH266-02 PH266-03 H268-22 PH268-23 PH2610-O1 PH2610-02 PH2610-03,

PH296-O1 PH296-O2 PH296-O3 PH299-OI C PH299-O2 PH299-03 PH264-01B,

PH264-O2B PH264-O3B PH265-O1B PH265-02B PH265-O3B PH265-O4B PH265-OSB,

PH266-O1B PH266-O2B PH266-O3B PH268-21B PH268-22B PH268-23B PH2610-Oll,

PH26]O-O2B PH2610-O3B PH296-O1B PH296-O2B PH296-O3B PH299-01B,

PH299-O2B PH299-O311[…]

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PH268-21 PDF Datasheet