R2S15904SP Datasheet – Optimum Audio Signal Processor IC

Part Number: R2S15904SP

Function: Optimum Audio Signal Processor IC, 10 V, 33 kOhm, 25 mA

Package: SOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics

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R2S15904SP datasheet


The R2S15904SP is an optimum audio signal processor IC for TV. The IC has a 5ch input selector, surround/pseudo stereo, tone control(2band), output gain control and 2ch master volume. The IC can control all of these functions with I2C bus.


R2S15904SP features

1.  Volume: 0 to –89dB, –∞/ 1dB step. Each channel is independence control.
2.  5 input selector + MUTE
3.  2 Rec output (0/–2dB)
4.  Auto gain control (AGC level 4step)
5.  Tone control Bass: –15dB to +15dB/ 1dB step, Treble: –15dB to +15dB/ 1dB step
6.  Surround <Low/ High>/ Pseudo stereo
7.  Mode selector: Bypass/ Tone / Tone & Pseudo Stereo or Surround
8.  Output gain control: 0dB/ +4.5dB

Reference Site: http://cyx.en.seekic.com/product/integrated_circuits_ics/R2S15904SP_R2S15904SP.html

R2S15904SP Pinouts

R2S15904SP pinout

R2S15903SP Pinouts

R2S15903SP pinout


R2S15904SP Datasheet

R2S15904SP pdf

R2S15903SP Datasheet

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