R5H30211 Datasheet PDF – Microcontroller Unit ( MCU )

Part Number: R5H30211

Function: Single-chip Microcontroller Unit (MCU)

Package: 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics


R5H30211 datasheet



The R5H30211 is Single-chip Microcontroller Unit (MCU) built around the H8/300H CPU.

This LSI is a single-chip microcontroller unit (MCU) built around the H8/300H CPU. Four I/O ports, ROM, RAM, EEPROM, a random number generator (RNG), a watchdog timer (WDT), a firewall management unit (FMU), interva timers (TMR1/TMR2), I2C bus interface (IIC2), synchronous serial communication unit (SSU), and a coprocessor are included.

Operating at a maximum 10-MHz internal clock rate, the H8/300H CPU rapidly executes bit manipulation instruction arithmetic and logic instructions, and data transfer instructions.
The on-chip coprocessor executes modular multiplications (such as ABR -1 modN + kN), which are used to calculate modular exponentiation X Y modN, and DES calculation processing at a high speed.


1. Random number generator (RNG)

(1) Generates 16-bit random numbers.
(2) Interrupts can be generated on completion of random number generation.
(3) One of four random number generation times can be selected.

2. Watchdog timer (WDT)

(1) Generates a UDF interrupt constantly at any interval.
(2) Stops the on-chip functions when the halt flag is set.
(3) One of four counter clock sources can be selected.

3. Firewall management unit (FMU)

(1) Monitors memory access address of the user application.

(2) Monitoring function of access between memory (monitors program execution on RAM and



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Other data sheets are available within the file: R5H-30211