R820T Datasheet – QFN 24, Digital TV Silicon Tuner – Rafael

Part Number: R820T

Function  : High Performance Low Power Advanced Digital TV Silicon Tuner

Package: QFN 24 Type

Manufacturer: Rafael Microelectronics ( www.rafaelmicro.com )


R820T tv tuner


In heritage from Rafael Micro’s state-of-the-art architecture, the R820T digital silicon tuner achieves the lowest power consumption and the smallest font factor. R820T offers unmatchable RF performance for all digital broadcast television standards including DVB-T, ATSC, DMB-T, ISDB-T,. With innovative AccuTune and TrueRF mechanisms, R820T provides superior performance in sensitivity, linearity, adjacent channel immunity, and image rejection.


R820T datasheet pdf


1. Support all digital TV standards: DVB-T, ATSC, DTMB and ISDB-T.

2. Lowest BOM cost WITHOUT external SAW filters, LNA, balun, LDO, and adjustable parts.

3. Low cost Single-In Digital TV Application

R820T Datasheet


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