CD9088 PDF Datasheet – 1-Chip FM Electrical Tuner IC

This post explains for the Tuner IC.

The Part Number is CD9088CB.

The function of this semiconductor is 1-Chip FM Electrical Tuner IC.

The package is SOP16 Type

Manufacturer: Wuxi Huajing Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

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CD9088 pdf pinout


The CD9088CB, CD9088 is a single-chip electronically tuned FM radio circuit. Its peripheral circuit is simple and low in cost. The circuit has a built-in phase-locked loop system with a frequency of 70kHz. It is selectively realized by an active RC filter. The mute circuit can suppress non-IF signals and too weak IF signals. Its characteristics are as follows.

An FM (Frequency Modulation) electrical tuner IC is a specialized integrated circuit designed to receive and process FM radio signals. These ICs are commonly used in various applications, including car radios, portable radios, stereo receivers, and other FM radio equipment. The main function of an FM tuner IC is to demodulate the FM signal, extract the audio information, and provide a clean audio output for amplification and playback.


Circuit diagram

CD9088 datasheet


1. Contains all functional circuits of a mono radio from RF input to audio output

2. Mute circuit

3. Built-in automatic frequency control system can be used for mechanical tuning

4. Power polarity protection

5. Operating supply voltage can be as low as 1.8V

6. Automatic search can be realized in the frequency range from 88MHz key reset to 108 MHz


CD9088 PDF Datasheet

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CXA1238S PDF Datasheet – FM/AM Radio Tuner IC

Part Number: CXA1238S

Function: High Performance one-chip bipolar IC (for AM/FM Strereo Radio)

Package: SDIP 30 Pin type

Manufacturer: Sony Corporation

Images:CXA1238S pdf pinout


The CXA1238S is a specific model of integrated circuit (IC) designed and manufactured by Sony Corporation. It is commonly used as an FM/AM radio tuner IC in electronic devices.


1. FM/AM Reception: The IC is capable of receiving FM and AM radio signals, allowing for dual-band reception.

2. RF Amplification: The CXA1238S includes built-in RF amplification circuitry, which helps amplify weak radio signals for improved reception.

3. Mixer and Oscillator: The IC incorporates mixer and oscillator circuits that are essential for frequency conversion and tuning.

4. Intermediate Frequency (IF) Amplification: The CXA1238S features IF amplifiers that help amplify the converted radio signals at the intermediate frequency stage.

5. Demodulation: The IC includes demodulation circuitry that extracts the audio signal from the modulated radio signals, enabling audio output.

6. Voltage Regulator: The CXA1238S may include a voltage regulator circuit that helps stabilize the power supply voltage for reliable operation.


CXA1238S datasheet sony

CXA1238S PDF Datasheet