RC1602B-BIW-ESX Datasheet PDF – 16×2 LCD – RAYSTAR

Part Number: RC1602B-BIW-ESX

Function: 16 characters x 2 Lines LCD Module

Manufacturer: RAYSTAR

General Specification

The Features is described as follow :

1. Module dimension: 80.0 x 36.0 x 13.2 (max.) mm3
2. View area: 66.0 x 16.0 mm2
3. Active area: 56.20 x 11.5 mm2
4. Number of Characters: 16 characters x 2 Lines
5. Dot size: 0.55 x 0.65 mm2
6. Dot pitch: 0.60 x 0.70 mm2
7. Character size: 2.95 x 5.55 mm2
8. Character pitch: 3.55 x 5.95 mm2
9. LCD type: STN Negative, Blue Transmissive,
10. Duty: 1/16
11.  View direction: 6 o’clock
12. Backlight Type: LED white

Display Control Instruction :

The LCD display Module is built in a LSI controller,the controller has two 8-bit registers, an instruction register (IR)and a data register (DR). The IR stores instruction codes, such asdisplay clear and cursor shift, and address information for display data RAM (DDRAM) and character generator (CGRAM).

The IR can only be written from the MPU.  The DR temporarily stores data to be written or read from DDRAM or CGRAM.  When address information is written into the IR, then datais stored into the DR from DDRAM or CGRAM.  By the register selector (RS) signal, these two registers can be selected.


RC1602B-BIW-ESX Datasheet

RC1602B-BIW-ESX Datasheet