9T15GH MOSFET – 20V, 12.5A, Transistor ( AP9T15GH )

Part Number: 9T15GH

Function: 20V, 12.5A, POWER MOSFET

Package: TO-251, TO-252 Type

Manufacturer: Advanced Power Electronics Corp

9T15GH datasheet


This is 20V, 12.5A, N-Channel Power MOSFET.

Advanced Power MOSFETs from APEC provide the designer with the best combination of fast switching, ruggedized device design, ultra low on-resistance and cost-effectiveness.

Image and Pinouts:



1. Low Gate Charge BVDSS 20V

2. Capable of 2.5V Gate Drive RDS(ON) 50mΩ

3. Single Drive Requirement ID 12.5A

4. RoHS Compliant


Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C)

1. Drain to source voltage: VDSS = 20 V

2. Gate to source voltage: VGSS = ± 16 V

3. Drain current: ID = 12.5 A

4. Total Power Dissipation: Pd = 12.5 W

5. Channel temperature: Tch = 150 °C

6. Storage temperature: Tstg = -55 to +150 °C


Other data sheets are available within the file: AP9T15GH, AP9T15J, AP9T15GJ

9T15GH Datasheet PDF Download

9T15GH pdf