RF2690 Datasheet PDF – W-CDMA Receive AGC and Demodulator

Part Number: RF2690

Function: W-CDMA Receive AGC and Demodulator

Package: LCC, 20-Pin, 4×4 Type

Manufacturer: RF Micro Devices

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RF2690 datasheet


The RF2690 is an integrated complete IF AGC amplifier and quadrature demodulator designed for the receive section of W-CDMA applications. It is designed to amplify received IF signals, while providing 70dB of gain control range, a total of 90dB gain, and demodulation to base band I and Q signals.This circuit is designed as part of RFMD’s single mode W-CDMA chipset, which includes the RF9678 as modulator and IF AGC and the RF2638 as upconvertor. The IC is manufactured on an advanced 25GHz FTSilicon Bi-CMOS process, and is packaged in a 20-pin, 4mmx4mm, leadless chip carrier.


1. Digitally Controlled Power Down Mode
2. 2.7V to 3.3V Operation
3. Digital LO Quadrature Divide-by-4
4. IF AGC Amp with 70dB Gain Control
5. 80dB Maximum Voltage Gain


Typical Applications

1. W-CDMA Systems

Other data sheets are available within the file: RF2690PCBA

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RF2690 pdf