RK2918 PDF – High Performance Processor Solution

Part Number: RK2918

Function: High performance processor solution

Package: TFBGA512 Type

Manufacturer: Rockchip


RK2918 pdf datasheet


RK2918 is a low power, high performance processor solution for mobile phones, personal mobile internet device and other digital multimedia applications.

RK-2918 integrates an ARM Cortex-A8 with one NEON coprocessor. Many embedded
powerful hardware accelerators provide optimized hardware performance for high-end
application. RK2918 supports almost full-format video decoder by 1080p@30fps such as
H264, H263, RMVB, MPEG2, MPEG4, VC1, AVS, VP8 etc. Also supports H.264 encoder by
1080P@30fps, high-quality JPEG encoder/decoder and special image preprocessor and
postprocessor. [ … ]


1. 2 banks, 8bits/16bits Nor Flash/SRAM interface

2. 8 banks, 8bits/16bits Async NAND FLASH, LBA NANDN Flash, 8bits sync ONFI NAND Flash, all embedded 24bits HW ECC

3. 2 ranks, 2GB Memory space, 16bits/32bits DDRIII,DDRII-800,LPDDR-400

4. 8bits HS-MMC/SD, 4bits SDIO, 8bits eMMC interface


RK2918 Datasheet