RN5RG56AA-TL Datasheet PDF – 5.6V, Voltage Regulator

Part Number: RN5RG56AA-TL

Function: Voltage Regulator with External Power Transistor. Output voltage 5.6V.

Package: SOT-23-5 Pin Type

Manufacturer: RICOH Co.,Ltd.

Image and Pinouts:
RN5RG56AA-TL datasheet


The RN5RG56AA-TL Series are voltage regulator ICs with an external power transistor with high output voltage accuracy and lowest supply current by CMOS process. Each of these voltage regulator ICs consists of a voltage reference unit, an error amplifier and resistors. These ICs are suitable for constructing regulators with ultra-low dropout voltage and an output current in the range of several tens mA to several hundreds mA. Furthermore, these ICs have a chip enable function, so that the supply current on standby can be minimized. Since the package for these ICs are SOT-23-5 (Mini-mold) package, high density mounting of the ICs  on boards is possible.


1. Ultra-Low Supply Current : TYP. 50μA

2. Standby Mode : TYP. 0.2μA

3. Ultra-Low Dropout Voltage : TYP. 0.1V (IOUT=100mA : dependent on External Tr.)

Block Diagram :



1. Power source for battery-powered equipment.

2. Power source for cameras, VCRs, camcorders, hand-held audio instruments, and hand-held communication equipment.

3. Power source for domestic appliances

Other data sheets are available within the file: RN5RG50A, RN5RG50AC, RN5RG56AATL

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