MAP3202 Datasheet PDF – 1Ch LED Driver – Magnachip

Part Number: MAP3202, MAP3202SIRH

Function: High Efficiency Switch Mode LED Driver

Package: SOIC-14 Lead

Manufacturer: Magnachip

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MAP3202 datasheet led driver



The MAP3202 is a single channel high efficiency boost type PWM driver with current mode control.  It is designed for high voltage LED driver optimized for backlighting system for large size LCD module.

This device offers the function of accurate and fast LED dimming control using PWM interface and external dimming MOSFET.  This driver has the over-voltage protection, the shortcurrent protection and UVLO, providing auto-restart function.


1. Wide input voltage range up to 18V

2. PWM Dimming

3. Current Mode Control Type

4. Internal Auto Restart Mode Protection

5. Output Over Voltage Protection

6. Programmable LED Short Current Protection

7. Programmable Boost switch current limit

8. Synchronization

9. LED Open/Short Protection

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Application Circuits :

MAP3202 Pinout


1. High Brightness white LED backlighting for LCD
2. TVs and monitors
3. General LED lighting applications


1 EN Enable
2 VCC Power Supply Input
3 GATE Gate Drive Output for Boost Converter
5 CS Current Sense of Boost Converter
6 RT Oscillators Frequency Set
7 SYNC Oscillators Synchronizing Input
8 REF Reference Voltage
9 PWMO PWM Gate Driver Output
10 OVP Over Voltage Protection
11 PWMI PWM Gate Driver Input
12 COMP Error AMP. Compensation
13 FBP Error AMP. Non-inverting Input/Positive Current Sense
14 FBN Error AMP. Inverting Input/Negative Current Sense


MAP3202 Datasheet PDF

MAP3202 pdf

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