RSN311W64-P Datasheet – Audio Power Module – Panasonic

Part Number: RSN311W64-P

Funciton : Audio Output IC Power Amplifier

Package: SIP 26 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Panasonic Corporation

Image :
RSN311W64-P Image


The RSN311W64-P is Power Audio Amplifer Module.

An “Audio Power Module” refers to a compact module that integrates a power amplifier and various audio processing components in a single package. The purpose of an audio power module is to simplify the design and reduce the size of audio amplification systems. It typically includes an audio amplifier, power supply regulators, protection circuits, and sometimes additional audio processing functions such as tone control, volume control, equalization, and filtering.

Pinouts :

RSN311W64-P datasheet

RSN311W64-P Pinout

RSN311W64-P Datasheet PDF

RSN311W64 pdf


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