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Part Number: RTC6715

Function: CMOS 5.8GHz Band FM Receiver

Package: 48-pin Leadless QFN

Manufacturer: Richwave  ( www.richwave.com.tw  )


RTC6715 fm receiver


The RTC6715 is a highly integrated FM receiver intended for application on 5.8GHz band FM demodulation. This chip includes a low noise amplifier, mixer, IF amplifier, FM demodulator, AGC,  audio  demodulators,  audio  Amps  and  noise  squelch.  With  RSSI  voltage  output,  the instantaneous radio signal strength can be monitoring. RTC6715 is able to demodulate the FM modulated video and Stereo audio signals sourced from RTC6705 and separate the desired signal at the dedicated output pins. Both Stereo and Mono application are available on the chip.


RTC6715 datasheet pinout



1. Single 3.3V supply power

2. 5.8GHz band FM demodulator with two audio subcarrier demodulators at 6MHz/6.5MHz

3. High sensitivity -85dBm

4. Simple six digital pins setting 24 fixed channels to eliminate external micro-controller

5. Radio Strength Indicator (RSSI)

6. Hard mute by noise squelch

7. CMOS technology Single chip with integrated VCO and PLL


Official Homepage: http://www.richwave.com.tw/product_description.php?PNo=34


RTC6715 Datasheet



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