RUN31A21 Datasheet PDF – Zelio Relay, Coil 24VDC

Part Number: RUN31A21

Function: Zelio Relay Coil 24VDC with RUZ1A base

Manufacturer: Unspecified


RUN31A21 datasheet



Zelio Relay plug-in relay,  RU universal relays


1. Choice of plug type (universal/flat tags).

2. Extremely wide power range.

3. Adaptable to all common voltages.

4. Adjustment by manual control, LED relay state display.

5. Possibility of paralleling simplifies data processing.

6. Fast and easy “plug-in” interchangeability.

7. Simplicity; no adjustment required in normal use.



RUN31A21 Datasheet PDF Download

RUN31A21 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file:

RSB1A120, RSB1A160, RSB2A080, RSZE1S35M, RSZE1S48M

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