SA121A Datasheet PDF – Crystal Clock Oscillator

Part Number: SA121A

Function: TTL compatible enable/disable crystal clock oscillator

Package: PCB DIP 4 Pin Type

Manufacturer: NEL Frequency Controls

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SA121A datasheet


The SA121A Series of quartz crystal oscillators provide enable/disable 3-state TTL compatible signals for bus connected systems. Supplying Pin 1 of the HA-1210 units with a logic “1″ enables the output on Pin 5. In the disabled mode, Pin 5 presents a high impedance to the load. All units are resistance welded in an all metal package, offering RFI shielding, and are designed to survive standard wave soldering operations without damage. Insulated standoffs to enhance board cleaning are standard.


1. Wide frequency range – 0.5MHz to 36MHz
2. User specified tolerance available
3. Low Jitter
4. High Q Crystal actively tuned oscillator circuit
5. Power supply decoupling internal
6. Low power consumption

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Other data sheets are available within the file: HA-1210, SA-A1210, SA-A121A, SA-A121B

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