LTC6990 PDF – Voltage Controlled Silicon Oscillator

This post describes for the Oscillator.

The Part Number is LTC6990.

The function of this semiconductor is Voltage Controlled Silicon Oscillator.

The package is DFN 8 Pin, TSOT-23 6 Pin Type

The manufacturer of this part is Linear Technology.

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LTC6990 pdf datasheet


The LTC6990 is a precision silicon oscillator with a programmable frequency range of 488Hz to 2MHz. It can be used as a fixed-frequency or voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO). The LTC6990 is part of the TimerBlox™ family of versatile silicon timing devices. Optionally, a second resistor at the SET input provides linear voltage control of the output frequency and can be used for frequency modulation. A narrow or wide VCO tuning range can be configured by the appropriate selection of the two resistors.

A precision silicon oscillator is an electronic device that generates highly accurate and stable oscillations or periodic signals using a silicon-based integrated circuit (IC) as its core component. It is designed to provide precise and reliable timing signals in various applications.

Oscillators are fundamental components used in electronic systems to generate clock signals, control timing, or provide reference frequencies. They are crucial in ensuring accurate synchronization and timing in devices such as computers, communication systems, data acquisition systems, and precision measurement instruments.


1. Frequency Range: 488Hz to 2MHz

2. 2.25V to 5.5V Single Supply Operation

3. 72µA Supply Current at 100kHz

4. 500µs Start-Up Time

5. VCO Bandwidth >300kHz at 1MHz

6. CMOS Logic Output Sources/Sinks 20mA


1. Low Cost Precision Programmable Oscillator

2. Voltage-Controlled Oscillator

3. High Vibration, High Acceleration Environments

4. Replacement for Fixed Crystal and Ceramic Oscillators

5. Portable and Battery-Powered Equipment

LTC6990 pinout

LTC6990 PDF Datasheet

ATS-25U PDF Datasheet – Crystal Oscillator

This post explains for the Oscillator.

The Part Number is ATS-25U, ATS25U.

The function of this semiconductor is Crystal Unit.

Manufacturer: Sunny Electronics

Preview images :

ATS-25U datasheet


1. ATS Holder Type Package

2. AT-Cut or BT-Cut Available

3. Resistance Weld Seal

4. Tape and Reel, Insulator Tab, Three Leads and Custom Lead Length Options Available

5. Tight Tolerance / Stability

6. Pb-free and RoHS Compliance

ATS-25U PDF Oscillator

Specification :

1. Frequency Range : 3.2768 to 60.000 MHz

2. Operating Temperature Range : -20 to +70 ℃, -40 to +85 ℃, or specify

3. Storage Temperature Range : -40 to +85 ℃

4. Frequency Tolerance (at 25 ℃) : ±15, ±30, ±50 ppm(STD), or specify

5. Frequency Stability : ±10 to ±50 ppm(-20 to +70 ℃)

6. Over Operating Temperature Range : ±20 to ±100 ppm(-40 to +85 ℃)

7. Load Capacitance (CL) : 18 pF(STD), Custom CL≥10 pF or Series Resonant

8. Drive Level : 100 ㎼(1000 ㎼ Max.)

9. Shunt Capacitance (C0) : 7.0 pF Max.

10. Aging (at 25 ℃) : ±3 ppm/year Max.

11. Insulation Resistance : 500 MΩ Min. at 100 VDC

ATS-25U PDF Datasheet


ATS-25U pdf