SA58640 Datasheet PDF – Low-voltage mixer FM IF system

Part Number: SA58640

Function: Low-voltage mixer FM IF system

Package: 20-pin SSOP Type

Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors.


SA58640 datasheet



The SA58640 is a low-voltage monolithic FM IF system incorporating a mixer/oscillator, two limiting intermediate frequency amplifiers, quadrature detector, logarithmic RSSI, voltage regulator and audio and RSSI operational amplifiers. The SA58640DK was designed for cordless telephone applications in which efficient and economic integrated solutions are required and yet high performance is desirable.


1. Low power consumption: 5.0 mA typical at 5 V

2. Mixer input to >100 MHz

3. Mixer conversion power gain of 17 dB at 45 MHz

4. Crystal oscillator effective to 100 MHz (LC oscillator or external oscillator can be used at higher frequencies)

5. 102 dB of IF amplifier/limiter gain

6. 2 MHz IF amplifier/limitersmall signal bandwidth

7. Temperature compensated logarithmic RSSI with a 70 dB dynamic range

8. Low external component count; suitable for crystal/ceramic/LC filters

9. Audio output internal op amp

10. RSSI output internal op amp

11. Internal op amps with rail-to-rail outputs

12. ESD protection: Human body model 2 kV; robot model 200 V



1. Cordless telephones


Other data sheets are available within the file: SA58640D, SA58640DK


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