SN65LVCP114 Datasheet – 14.2Gbps Mux, Linear-Redriver

Part Number: SN65LVCP114

Function: 14.2-Gbps Quad 1:2-2:1 MUX, Linear-Redriver With Signal Conditioning

Package: NFBGA (167) type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


SN65LVCP114 datasheet


The SN65LVCP114 is an asynchronous, protocol-agnostic, low-latency QUAD mux, linear-redriver optimized for use in systems operating at up to 14.2 Gbps. The device linearly compensates for channel loss in backplane and active-cable applications. The architecture of SN65LVCP114 linear-redriver is designed to work effectively with ASIC or FPGA products implementing digital equalization using decision feedback equalizer (DFE) technology.

The 65LVCP114 mux, linear-redriver preserves the integrity (composition) of the received signal, ensuring optimum DFE and system performance. The device provides a low-power mux-demux, linear-redriver solution while at the same time extending the effectiveness of DFE.



1. Quad 2:1 Mux and 1:2 Demux

2. Multi-Rate Operation up to 14.2 Gbps Serial Data Rate

3. Linear Receiver Equalization Which Increases Margin at System Level of Decision Feedback

4. Bandwidth: 18 GHz, Typical

5. Per-Lane P/N Pair Inversion

6. Port or Single Lane Switching


1. High-Speed Redundancy Switch in Telecom and Data Communication

2. Backplane Interconnect for 10G-KR, 16GFC

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