SA58646 Datasheet PDF – UHF 900 MHz Transceiver IC

This is Transceiver IC.

Part Number: SA58646

Function: UHF 900 MHz transceiver IC

Package: LQFP64, SOT314-2 Type

Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors.

Image and Pinouts:

SA58646 datasheet



The SA58646 is a BiCMOS integrated circuit that performs all functions from the antenna to the microcontroller for reception and transmission for both the base station and the handset in a 902 MHz to 928 MHz full-duplex radio. The SA58646 may be used in a UHF push-to-talk walkie-talkie or in a UHF to 900 MHz data transceiver. The IC is a pin-compatible derivative of the UAA3515 with advanced features.
This IC integrates most of the functions required for a half-duplex or full-duplex radio in a single integrated circuit. Additionally, the programmability implemented reduces significantly external components count, board space requirements and external adjustments.


1. RF RX (single frequency conversion FM receiver) :

(1) Integrated LNA
(2) Image reject mixer
(3) FM detector at 10.7 MHz including an IF limiter, a wide band PLL demodulator, an  output amplifier and a RSSI output
(4) Carrier detection with programmable threshold
(5) Programmable data amplifier (slicer) phase

2. Synthesizer :

(1) Crystal reference oscillator with integrated tuning capacitor
(2) Reference frequency divider
(3) Narrow band RX PLL including RX VCO with integrated varicaps
(4) Narrow band TX PLL including TX VCO with integrated varicaps
(5) VCO external inductors can be done with printed transmission lines on the PCB which offers substantial savings
(6) Programmable clock divider with output buffer to drive a microcontroller

3. Baseband RX section :

(1) Programmable RX gain (enable phone volume control)
(2) Expander with output noise level control
(3) Earpiece amplifier with volume control feature
(4) Data amplifier

4. Baseband TX section :

(1) Microphone amplifier
(2) Compressor with automatic level control and hard limiter
(3) Programmable TX gain


Other data sheets are available within the file: SA58646B, SA58646BD

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