SA602A Datasheet – Double Balanced Mixer and Oscillator

Part Number: SA602A

Function: Double-balanced mixer and oscillator

Package: SOIC 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors.


SA602A datasheet



The SA602A is a low-power VHF monolithic double-balanced mixer with input amplifier, on-board oscillator, and voltageregulator. It is intended for high-performance, low-power communication systems.

The guaranteed parameters of the SA602A make this device well-suited for cellular radio applications. The mixer isa ‘Gilbert cell’ multiplier configuration which typically provides 18 dB ofgain at 45 MHz. The oscillator operates to 200 MHz. It can be configured as a crystal oscillator, a tuned tankoscillator, or a buffer for an external LO.

For higher frequencies, the LO input may be externally driven. The noise figure at 45 MHz is typically less than 5 dB.The gain, intercept performance, low-power and noise characteristics make the SA602A a superior choice for high-performance battery operated equipment. It is available inan 8-lead SO (surface-mount miniature package).


1. Low current consumption : 2.4 mA typical

2. Excellent noise figure : <4.7 dB typical at 45 MHz

3. High operating frequency

4. Excellent gain, intercept and sensitivity

5. Low external parts count; suitable for crystal/ceramic filters

6. SA602A meets cellular radio specifications


1. Cellular radio mixer/oscillator

2. Portable radio

3. VHF transceivers

4. RF data links

5. HF/VHF frequency conversion

6. Instrumentation frequency conversion

7. Broadband LANs

Other data sheets are available within the file: SA-602A, SA602, SA602AD, SA602AD/01


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