SC14480 Datasheet PDF – 1.8V Single Chip for DECT

Part Number: SC14480

Function: The industry first monolithic integrated DECT/DCT solutions in standard CMOS

Package: PLCC 80, 100 pin

Manufacturer: SiTel Semiconductor


SC14480 datasheet



The SC14480 is the world’s first monolithically integrated DECT/DCT solution in standard CMOS and integrates Flash memory and a high-performance Gen2DSP core, which provides the processing power to support the superior voice quality of the CAT-iq standard and other features.

The SC14480 can operate directly from Li-ion cells, reducing external component costs and makes the chip ideal for headset applications.


SC14480 pinout


1. Three general purpose I/O ports
2. Keyboard interface with debounce counter
3. Serial Debug interface, Nexus Class-1 compliant.
4. UART Full duplex 9600-230.4 kbaud.
5. SPI™ interface 20.736 MHz (Master/Slave).
6. Dual ACCESS bus 100 kHz, 400 kHz, 1.152 MHz
7. PCM Interface master/slave (I2S compatible)


Other data sheets are available within the file: SC14480A5M, SC14480A2M6

SC14480 Datasheet PDF Download

SC14480 pdf

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