SCT2260 PDF Datasheet – Remote Control Decoder

This post describes for the remote control encoder.

The Part Number is SCT2260.

The function of this semiconductor is Remote control coding IC.

The package 16 pin Type

The manufacturer of this part is Shen Zhen Silvan Chip Electronics Tech.

See the preview image and the PDF file for more information.

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SCT2260 circuit pinout


SCT2260 is a low-power general-purpose coding circuit manufactured by CMOS process, A circuit has a user can be flexible to change the address code and data code for the composition, electricity Road has a power saving mode that can be used for radio remote control / infrared emission, with PT2260 compatible.


1. CMOS Technology

2. Low Power Consumption

3. Very High Noise Immunity

4. Up to 12 Tri-State Code Address Pins

5. Up to 6 Data Pins

6. Wide Range of Operating Voltage: VCC=4~15V

7. Single Resistor Oscillator

8. Latch or Momentary Output Type


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SCT2260 pdf datasheet


A0 ~ Ax : input address pin for address encoding, can be set to “0”, “1”, “f” (floating),

D0 ~ Dx : input data input, there is a “1” that is encoded, the internal pull down;

Vcc : input power supply positive terminal (+) input;

Vss : input power supply negative terminal (-) input terminal;

OSC : input single-ended resistor oscillator input, and power supply connected to determine the oscillation frequency;

Dout : output code output (often low);



1. Car Security System

2. Garage Door Controller

3. Remote Control Fan

4. Home Security/Automation System

5. Remote Control Toys

6. Remote Control for Industrial Use

SCT2260 PDF Datasheet



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