SCT2272T4 Datasheet – Remote Control Decoder ( PDF )

Part Number: SCT2272T4, SCT2272GM

Function: Remote Control Decoder

Package: SOP 18 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Silvan Chip Electronics


SCT2272T4 decoder


1. CMOS Technology
2. Low Power Consumption
3. Very High Noise Immunity
4. Single Resistor Oscillator
5. Latch or Momentary Output Type



1. Car Security System
2. Garage Door Controller
3. Remote Control Fan
4. Home Security/Automation System
5. Remote Control Toys
6. Remote Control for Industrial Use


The Device is equivalent : [ PT2272.pdf ]

Reference PDF : [ SCT2272GM.pdf ]

SCT2272T4 Datasheet

SCT2272T4 pdf

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