Part Number: SDT-1205P-100-122 ( CDRH125B Compatible )


Manufacturer: Micro Electronics

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This is Power Inductor.

A power inductor, also known as a choke or coil, is an electronic component used in electrical circuits to store and release energy in the form of a magnetic field. It is commonly used in power conversion and filtering applications. The primary function of a power inductor is to resist changes in current flowing through it by storing energy in its magnetic field when current increases and releasing it when current decreases.

Here are some key points about power inductors:

1. Construction: Power inductors are typically made of a coil of wire wound around a core material, such as ferrite or powdered iron. The core material enhances the inductor’s inductance and influences its performance characteristics.

2. Inductance: Inductance is the property of an inductor that determines its ability to store energy in the form of a magnetic field. It is measured in units called henries (H). Power inductors have higher inductance values compared to signal inductors.

3. Current Rating: Power inductors are designed to handle higher current levels without significant saturation or overheating. They are typically rated for a specific maximum current that they can safely carry.


1. Superior quality for an automated production line

2. Pick and place compatible

3. Tape and reel packing


1. Notebook computers

2. PDA

3. Logic IC power supply



SDT-1205P-100-122 Datasheet

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