SEM2006 PDF Datasheet – CCFL Inverter Driver IC

Part Number: SEM2006

Function: CCFL Inverter Driver IC

Package: SSOP 24 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Samsung

Images:SEM2006 datasheet


SEM2006 is CCFL Inverter Driver IC. A CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) inverter driver IC is an integrated circuit designed specifically for driving the CCFL lamps used in LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens and other applications that require backlighting. CCFLs are gas-discharge lamps that produce a uniform and high-quality light source for illuminating LCD panels. CCFL inverter driver ICs are crucial for efficiently generating the high voltage and high-frequency AC (alternating current) signals required to power and control CCFL lamps.


1. Single N/N Type inverter

2. High Frequency voltage Mode PWM control

3. Easy Burst dimming control

4. Built-in soft start function

5. Built-in low frequncy PWM Generator

6. External UVLO fuction

7. Latched mode Protection

8. Adjustable shot-down time

9. Variable Protection fuction


SEM2006 pinout pdf samsung

CCFL inverter driver ICs are used in various applications, including LCD monitors, LCD TVs, laptop displays, industrial displays, and medical displays.

SEM2006 PDF Datasheet

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